Monday, February 27, 2012

Cluj.PM launch on 2nd of March 2012

It's the first meeting in Cluj and I am happy to be one of the speakers. Especially because Matt S Trout (the creator of DBIx::Class) is holding two talks.

This is my first public tech presentation and I will talk about a (what I consider to be) a High Productivity ToolchainMojolicious and DBIx::Class in the backend/middlelayer and Bootstrap from Twitter with some jQuery components as frontend.

Chisel Wright from will hold a presentation regarding the awesomeness of DBIx::Class - I have to warn you that you might want to leave your ORM in favor of this.

If you are programmer, sys admin or QA and want to learn more about the wonderful Perl community and how powerful Perl is as a language, feel free to join us. Please register youreself first here (details for localizing the event in space and time are also available at the above link).

In the future I wish we'll become a great community, sharing knowledge, learning new things and have fun. 

See you there!